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The Salad Store

The Brief

The Salad Store, a new salad venue, required a logo design and branding to help them stand out in the market. The goal was to create a unique and recognizable brand that would appeal to their target audience.

For this project, we decided to take a different approach and use a contrast of pink, green, and black instead of the typical green color scheme associated with salad and health food. We felt that this bold color combination would help the brand stand out and be more visually interesting.

We also created a subtle brand illustration to be used in the marketing materials such as flyers, posters, and social media posts. The illustration was designed to be simple and playful, and it was used to add a touch of personality and character to the brand. The brand illustration was also incorporated into the packaging design, to add a unique touch to their packaging, that would make it more memorable and recognizable.

Overall, our goal was to create a logo, brand identity and packaging that would be eye-catching, memorable, and would help the Salad Store stand out in a crowded market.