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Each project is totally unique, which means each project is too. A project can take anything from 4-12 weeks.

How long do projects take?

No, but, thats what the brand package is. We dont do a single logo design as in order to get that logo, we have to go through the branding process.

do you do just logo designs?

Once we've had our discovery call, we will send a project proposal to you, in which you will be then required to pay 50% of the quote prior to work starting, the remainder will be paid on completion. 

how does payment work?

We know, sometimes all this design talk can be confusing so here's a breakdown for you  - 

1:1 Discovery Call & Creative Direction - 
This is the initial call we will have to discuss your brand, target audience, business goals, visions etc, a critical part in the branding process.

Primary & Secondary Logo Design - 
This is the main logo, monogram, secondary logo and favicon. This will be sent to you in all formats and a number of versions and is the main element of your branding.

Typography - 
Typography is another key player in your branding. This will be the main fonts your brands use in order to identify themselves across print and web platforms, from on your packaging, to on your social media assets.

Brand Pattern - 
This is a brand pattern or symbol that represents your brand which can be used on packaging, social content, websites & more.

Colour Palette - 
This is another key player, these colours will be the symbol of your brand, similar to how you'd never see Mcdonalds using a pink colour scheme within their packaging.

Full Brand Guidelines -
This is a summary of the above, but in one big PDF for you to keep forever to represent your brand.

Social Media Assets - 
These are optional ads ons but some examples are instagram highlights and story templates.

I want a new logo but I don't know what the different things are in the brand package